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When you really think about it, not much has changed on the dating scene since Barbie and Ken came into  play 50 years ago. Barbie & Ken are American icons and predominant features in the American culture. These fictional characters continue to thrive into our reality, a sense of potential, lifestyle, self-image and the ideal partner.

As dreams are ever changing, so is the reflection of American society. You would imagine with all the Social Media and on-line dating sites that people would be connecting more now than ever before…unfortunately, that is just not true.

B & K Introductions understands this and we embrace our clients when they are openly expressing their disenchantment with on-line web sites & social networks often lack of privacy and anonymity features.  Private dating services are being sought out more than ever before due to singles being plagued by other annoyances: An Abundance of Bogus Photos, Scammers and Users Who Misrepresent Who They Really Are, Degrading Others’ Overall Romantic Experience.

B & K Introductions is all about privacy and professionalism, while working with you personally through a preferred selective dating process.

Barbie, this is what Ken wants.

Ken, this is what Barbie wants.

Kathleen’s Questions and Answers.

About us

B & K Introductions was created out of the frustration with the ineffectiveness of traditional dating, introduction and run of the mill matchmaking services. Our process from the start is refreshing and open. We want this to be about “YOU” exploring this important part of your life.

We know that chemistry is magical… however, with similar commonalities and value systems people are innately drawn to each other. Through a unique process that has been trademarked, we offer you a one-of-a-kind journey that you will surely appreciate.  With professional guidance and sincere support from our team, the dating process becomes enjoyable and exciting.  

B & K Introductions has proven techniques and expertise in the most successful dating, introduction and matchmaking services in the world.

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