It appears today that there is a “Matchmaker” and a “Relationship Coach” on every corner. Why choose us? Because this is nothing new to our founder who has been coaching hands-on for over 20 years. This is not her job; it is and has been a lifetime career. She has listened to, heard, and helped over 20,000 souls tell their personal stories and she has assisted them in finding the Love not only in another but within themselves. Times have changed and having her finger on the pulse she knows what one needs to feel within themselves first before embarking on a relationship. Kathleen Rachael has charted relationship patterns since 1984 and she deeply and intrinsically understands that each individual is special and she approaches each of our clients with their own unique and particular set of needs. Kathleen Rachael is also an Empath which aids her in coaching from the heart with her gifted insight and wisdom.
First there is a consultation which can be done through various mediums, e.g., Skype, Facetime or in person to discuss your intentions and goals. We will then have you complete our testing to evaluate where you are in areas that affect this important part of your life. Once this process is complete we will out-line our approach. This is exciting and all our clients enjoy this process. The coaching is unlimited and available to you as needed. There is a one-time fee and that is based and determined at the time of your free consultation and evaluation.
Our coaching clients express feeling ready to embark on finding the love of their life with the understanding of what they need and what it takes to substantiate a long-term relationship. Their vibration is UP and they are eager to meet their match and begin their journey in finding the Love they so desire and deserve. If one doesn’t correct dysfunctional patterns and behaviors, nothing changes from relationship to relationship and we just repeat the past. Life is too short. Coaching can make all the difference and it certainly does when it comes to sharing your life with the one you choose to love.