Our educated and talented team is dedicated to Listening, Advising, Coaching and Matching you with your potential mate. We work as a team with one sole objective in mind; to support you in finding your true partner. It is imperative that we discuss your experiences throughout the dating process. Your feedback enables us to proceed in a forward positive motion with the next step. This is a journey and our team’s mission is for you to come away with Love in your life and the knowledge to sustain it.


How we work

Consultations are on a referral basis only. There is a method to this; a unique and special process.  This is like anything else in one’s life; once you put the right intentions into action… it immediately starts to manifest itself.

We strongly believe that this is a journey and it begins with the commitment from you! A member of our Barbie and Ken Introductions team will explain in detail how we work and what you should expect in your informative interview. All fees and operational guidelines will be thoroughly discussed prior to your consultation. We are particular and forthcoming as we want you to be prepared and excited to begin this unique and special process in finding your ideal partner.


Why come to us?

Fulfillment comes from sharing your life with someone. Unfortunately, searching for that special person through random dating in today’s world can be extremely frustrating and wearisome. Nothing is more important in our human growth than our relationships. It is amazing how we provide for every aspect of our life, except this one key element: Our mate, which we leave to chance

You hire a financial planner, attorney, stock broker and other consultants to save you valuable time. Why not hire an expert for your Love Life? We will help you create and manifest the right partner, as this is surely one of the most important decisions you will make.

Our founder’s mission is to create a service which provides for those individuals who would normally not consider this option.

Are you socially healthy, successful, emotionally open, and live a healthy lifestyle? Then why are you single? To put it simply: The more one attains, the more one requires in a partner!