As my life coach, Kathleen made me realize that your external experiences is a reflection of your internal realities.  She made me realize that I was attracted to these “bad boy” types and emotionally unavailable men because I did not love myself and did not value myself.  She helped me address my own internal demons so that I could more fully love myself.  Kathleen made me realize that there are differences between Queens and Princesses.  Queens take control over their kingdom, they love themselves, and put enough energy into themselves, so they can go out in the community, do amazing things for this world, find their King, rein him in, and then nurture their King so they will live in a beautiful kingdom together.  Princesses, instead are always looking over their shoulder, are distrustful of other women, and are always looking at what they don’t have.  Kathleen has made me realize that I need to be a Queen, not a Princess.  My approach on dating and relationships and how to be a great partner and friend and what to look for in a partner has changed because of Kathleen.

At the end of the day, Kathleen has taught me that the only thing we have to give and take in this world is ENERGY.  The universe treats you how you treat yourself and others.  A transfer of energy occurs at all interactions in your life and Kathleen taught me how to be my very best self so that the energy I give to others is not only highly positive, but it’s something that people (men, women, friends) want more of.  Kathleen has helped teach me that we only have so many energy chips in a day, and we have to be very careful with how we use it, for when we use it to touch people’s lives in the right way, we will get multiple returns on what we put out.  I realize now that in order for me to give off my own unique energy to others so that they will truly appreciate me, I have to be mindful of my own energy chips and replenish my soul , my mind, and my body so I can be the very best when I’m giving myself to the world.

As my life coach, Kathleen has truly changed my life.  She has a gift that very, very few people have.  If you are one of the lucky people that Kathleen chooses to touch with her soul, her sincerity, her wisdom, and her desire to make you your best possible self for you, you are very lucky.  She has that very rare ability to see a person’s full potential and help that person achieve it.  –  Catherine W.


I was tired of online dating and was just about done with it all when a friend told me about Kathleen. When I met with her she was surprisingly passionate and very full of helpful information. I am dating someone that I never thought I would find. The process at Barbie and Ken works and I am a very happy client. – JP JP

We both want to thank you for bringing us all together with all our kids and making us one big happy Brady Bunch family. Who would have thought that just a little over a year ago we both felt helpless. You changed our lives because you really believe and you really do care and we cannot thank you enough!- Joe & Susan

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