It’s that time of year – Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day!  The stressful day where everyone is expected to show their L O V E to that special someone by shelling out money for candy, cards, jewelry, flowers and dates!   For those lonely hearts lacking the latter, and yearning to find their soul mate, there are plenty of dating sites to choose from.  Surprisingly, despite the overwhelming popularity of these dating sites, many prefer the old “Fiddler on the Roof” method, which is the art of matchmaking – and it truly is an art!  The 21st Century version is what some refer to as finding a “Relationship Coach” for an intervention.

You may laugh at the thought of that, but ask yourself why not?!  There is an intervention for everything these days, we see it on reality TV ~ Hoarders, Addictions….So why not get an intervention for your love life?