Barbie and Ken Introductions
2021 Barbie and Ken Introductions, All Rights Reserved
2021 Barbie and Ken Introductions, All Rights Reserved

Personal Perspective Evaluation

This questionnaire will help you evaluate yourself and others to see if you're compatible.

 Yes   Not sure   No
1.  One of the major parties should nominate a woman for vice president 
2.  All children should have some sort of religious instruction 
3.  I have always liked to join clubs and organizations 
4.  Wearing designer clothes is worth the money 
5.  Physical contact is an important form of communication 
 Yes   Not sure   No
6.  My feelings are easily hurt 
7.  I have to know someone a long time before I trust them 
8.  The nicest people attend religious services regularly 
9.  I clip coupons for free samples of products 
10.  It makes me feel uncomfortable to openly disagree with people 
 Yes   Not sure   No
11.  Common interests are more important than romantic love 
12.  I have pleasant memories of my childhood 
13.  Science can explain the world without a Supreme Being 
14.  Each month I balance my checkbook carefully 
15.  Kissing someone in public is in poor taste 
 Yes   Not sure   No
16.  I am a calm person 
17.  Religious people are no more moral than others 
18.  Worrying too much about money spoils happiness 
19.  I read Playboy-type magazines occasionally 
20.  My mood may change quickly from happy to sad 
 Yes   Not sure   No
21.  A strong relationship must include a good sex life 
22.  I don't like to run around with people who spend a lot of money on clothes 
23.  Going to church makes me feel good 
24.  I like to have friends come over to my home 
25.  We need to provide more state funds for welfare 
 Yes   Not sure   No
26.  Holding hands in a restaurant makes me feel self-conscious 
27.  I believe in telling people if I think they are making a mistake 
28.  Using marijuana is a private matter and should not be considered illegal 
29.  Religious teaching helps people control their improper sexual behavior 
30.  The man should pay for everything on a date 
 Yes   Not sure   No
31.  I rarely have headaches 
32.  People who do good to others will be rewarded in the afterlife 
33.  Government control of pornography is unnecessary 
34.  A company's retirement program is a major consideration for a job 
35.  I enjoy the company of people of the opposite sex more than that of my own 
 Yes   Not sure   No
36.  It's fun to surprise my friends with small gifts 
37.  I believe in the theory of evolution 
38.  Going to sleep is easy for me